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The MIR is sent to all registered Circle members two or three times a year. It contains information about members, organization of events, reports, questions and answers, and articles from members, in which they share their experiences or research results. The MIR is mainly in Dutch, but also contains summaries or even complete articles in English. Since 2024, the MIR has only been sent digitally to KRING members.
One year after publication, the articles from the MIR are made public on this KRING website.

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Index of MIR articles

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juli 2024MIR92
8 What to do with collections? Chris Hakkaart
9-11 Declassified (interpretation of aerial photos) Andries de Man
12 Norwegian comic Andries de Man
16 Can a collector still sleep? Chris Hakkaart
17 New brochure on the Aristo 968 Studio Jacques Perregaux
18-28 The Pythagorean tuning and Musigraph 100 slide rule Nico Smallenburg
29 Dutch Association of Mathematics Teachers Peter Lanser
30-32 ‘Epibreren’ with an aeronautical calculating disk Andries de Man
dec 2023MIR91
9–11 Rabdology Willy Robbrecht
11–13 Columbus' Egg David Rance
13–15 A Finnish slide rule for the timber trade Nestler Andries de Man
15–23 John Napier's logarithm Simon van der Salm
24–27 Calculating discs for medical applications Nico Smallenburg
28–31 The logarithmic rules of Weber-Fechner and S.S. Stevens Simon van der Salm
31 Instrument for Starfighters (Sundials) Andries de Man
apr 2023MIR90
7–12 The LOGA 10 m drum for English currency Nico Smallenburg
12–19 Columbus’ Egg or maybe not? S.J. Houtenbos; grasparkieten; genetica; birds; genetics; Chris Hakkaart
19–26 Navigation at sea around 1730 Nico Smallenburg
30 Lovelace and Babbage: THE OPERA!
31–32 Figure shown on the title page of this MIR Simon van der Salm
nov 2022MIR89
4–7 Viscosity slide rules David Rance
7–14 LOGA factory and three LOGA-30 circular slide rules Nico Smallenburg
15–18 Napier Bones of Traquair House Chris Hakkaart
18–24 Gerber’s Equameter Andries de Man
24 English translation of German reference book now freely available David Rance
26–28 Quetta, Quecto, Ronna and Ronto Chris Hakkaart
28–29 Strange description Chris Hakkaart
29–32 Doctor, what are my chances? Simon van der Salm
jul 2022MIR88
5–10 Mechanical calculators and medical equipment Chris Hakkaart
10–13 Memory: analogue and digital Nico Smallenburg
14 Electronic slide rule calculators? Andries de Man
15–16 Rubberised hair Andries de Man
16–20 Offered: firing tables Meine van Essen
21–25 Timekeeping and navigation with Wright's universal sundial Nico Smallenburg
25–30 The FNA navigation calculation disc Nico Smallenburg
31–32 Symbols on slide rules Meine van Essen
feb 2022MIR87
5–13 Slide rules for viscosity Nico Smallenburg
13–16 The ALRO circular military slide rule Meine van Essen
17–25 Nestler electronic calculators Chris Hakkaart
25–31 Some special LOGA slide rule drums Nico Smallenburg
31–32 Translation of Napier’s Constructio Simon van der Salm
sep 2021MIR86
5–8 Social history Meine van Essen
10–22 LOGA slide rules with documentation Willy Robbrecht
22–26 A strange table calculator Andries de Man
29–32 The Graphos drawing pen Chris Hakkaart
mei 2021MIR85
5–8 The logic of uncertainty (2) Simon van der Salm
9–10 Slide Rules and the Metric System Andries de Man
10–12 A perpetual calendar? Leo van der Lucht
12–15 The perpetual calendar of Ir. F.W. Smallenburg from about 1907 Nico Smallenburg
15 A slide rule for left-handed people David Rance
16–17 Computing power: from slide rule to (super)computer Chris Hakkaart
21–25 Drawing aids Nico Smallenburg
26–30 A strange Thornton for AC-based calculations Chris Hakkaart
31 An interesting calculating app for nerds Chris Hakkaart
31–32 Hacking Chris Hakkaart
32 Supplement: Mathematics of Wallace's Eidograph Ed.
feb 2021MIR84
4–6 Virtual slide rules Chris Hakkaart; Andries de Man
7–13 Polls: the logic of uncertainty Simon van der Salm
13–15 Barbie and the Texas Instruments SR 50 Simon van der Salm
15–19 The LOGA 75 Modell RZ Nico Smallenburg
19–21 Blundell P2590: a One Off or not? Leo van der Lucht
21–25 The Indicator as used in marine propulsion machinery Gerard van Gelswijck
25–29 Burroughs Mystic Number Machine Andries de Man
30–31 “Slide Rules — A.W. Faber & A.W. Faber-Castell” Peter Holland
31–32 Interesting websites Chris Hakkaart
nov 2020MIR83
4–5 Two professors: Pedoe Simon van der Salm
6–13 Technical drawing; then and now Nico Smallenburg
13–21 A pencil and a slide rule; sometimes from the same manufacturer Chris Hakkaart
22 Decluttering Andries de Man
22 “Meilensteine der Rechentechnik” Herbert Bruderer
26–32 The slide rules made by F.C. Farmar for the wine and spirit trade Nico Smallenburg
jun 2020MIR82
4–12 Other Relative Humidity slide rules Francesco Basta; Chris Hakkaart; Ronald van Riet
12–16 Dundee Coronary Risk slide rule (Part I) Simon van der Salm
16–22 The LOGA duplex slide rule RL 150 Nico Smallenburg
22–23 Calculators in the tropics Chris Hakkaart
24–25 Otto van Poelje: “The ALRO Catalogue” Leo van der Lucht
25–31 The Gerber Variabele Scale Chris Hakkaart
31–32 The shape of the virus Simon van der Salm
mei 2020MIR81
3 “The ALRO Catalogue” Otto van Poelje
5–6 Interesting websites Chris Hakkaart
6–14 The hyperbolic tangent scale Th: from Verhulst to McFadden's Nobel Prize Simon van der Salm
15–16 DRAMIX Chris Hakkaart
16–20 Heijdeman: Dutch slide rule heritage David Rance
20–23 Scarcity Andries de Man
23–26 Old Dutch units Nico Smallenburg
27–30 The paper tape machine from TNO Chris Hakkaart
32 Appeal: Dundee calculating disc? Simon van der Salm
jan 2020MIR80
4–6 The Gasometer in Oberhausen Simon van der Salm
6–8 The ALRO reinforced concrete slide rule Chris Hakkaart
9–14 Performing subtraction with an Addiator Kees Nagtegaal
15–16 Dustbin lorries and slide rules? Andries de Man
21–26 Lorentz's calculator or not? Chris Hakkaart
26 Quote from Kettering Andries de Man
28–29 Reminiscing about the past: use a slide rule Chris Hakkaart
29–31 Mirror images and other inversions Chris Hakkaart
31–32 Control equipment Chris Hakkaart
32 Ionica Smeets: “Super logical” Simon van der Salm
jun 2019MIR79
6 Puzzle question Andries de Man
9–15 Brüel & Kjær Noise Analyzer 4426 Nico Smallenburg
16–17 Measuring instruments in museums Chris Hakkaart
19–21 Measuring with Nonius and Vernier Simon van der Salm
21–26 TNO museum in Waalsdorpervlakte Chris Hakkaart et al.
27–30 Exam result: the scoring hexagon Simon van der Salm
feb 2019MIR78
5–18 Relative Humidity slide rules Chris Hakkaart
18–19 A Dutch bamboo slide rule Andries de Man
20–21 Slide rule advertisements from 1975 Leo van der Lucht
23–24 One of a kind found in the Electrical Engineering Study Collection Andries de Man
24–28 The Curie Museum in Paris Simon van der Salm
28 Statistical truth Simon van der Salm
okt 2018MIR77
12–13 Inlaid wood Chris Hakkaart
13 Firefighting hose slide charts (continued) Chris Hakkaart
14–15 TUDDO Chris Hakkaart
15–16 Technology Museum Magdeburg Simon van der Salm
17–19 Cases for slide rules Andries de Man
19–23 Solving the “four fly problem” analogously Nico Smallenburg
23–30 What are analogue computers? Simon van der Salm
jul 2018MIR76
12–14 Traffic noise in dB(A) Nico Smallenburg
14–24 Firefighting calculating aids Chris Hakkaart
25–28 Dividers in Art, part 3: Greek mathematicians Otto van Poelje
mrt 2017MIR75
5–6 Rechargeable David Rance
7–9 Another ALRO for medical use Cycloop Andries de Man
9–11 Order of magnitude Simon van der Salm
12–14 Mystery object: an Abacus? Henk Peters
15–23 Linear and a-linear dB scales Simon van der Salm
23–26 Enigma Manual and the Alphabet slide rule Chris Hakkaart
27–30 Redefinition of the SI basic units Simon van der Salm
30–32 Disruption Chris Hakkaart
okt 2017MIR74
12–14 Calculating in three German museums Simon van der Salm
16–23 Searching for trademarks and logos Andries de Man
24–29 Dividers and Art, part 2: Dividers take the leading role Otto van Poelje
30–32 Heinrich Daemen-Schmid's calculating drum Nico Smallenburg
mei 2017MIR73
8–11 Mix up, steel fibres and artificial snow Chris Hakkaart
12 From analogue to wave impact engineers (De Ingenieur) Chris Hakkaart
13–14 Study collection: EWI Chris Hakkaart
15–18 Dividers in Art, part 1: Introduction Otto van Poelje
18–23 Dudeney's haberdasher's problem Simon van der Salm
24–25 Hidden Figures: a film worth watching Otto van Poelje
25–27 Slide rules at V&D Andries de Man
dec 2016MIR72
5–6 Mathematical shorthand Chris Hakkaart
6–10 Cologarithms and Pickett negative logarithms Simon van der Salm
16–18 TUDDO Chris Hakkaart
19–22 The weighty content of old sizes and units Nico Smallenburg
23–30 Correlation machines Andries de Man
30 Folding slide rule Andries de Man
30–31 Anna Marie Lombardi: “Johannes Kepler, Astronomer in search of Harmony” Simon van der Salm
aug 2016MIR71
9–10 The IWA 63/91 pocket slide rule Otto van Poelje
10–11 The Lorenz coding machine De Volkskrant
11 Slide rule hunting, repeated David Rance
12–13 Guus Craenen, “Proportionalzirkel, Vorgänger, Varianten, Nachfolger” Simon van der Salm
14 Ramanujan: The man who knew Infinity Willy Robbrecht
15–27 Graphic logarithmic tables: A picture should be worth a million numbers David Rance
mrt 2016MIR70
6–11 Richter & Speer 1898 – 1905 Harrie van Dooren
17–18 Artistic distribution Simon van der Salm; David Rance
18 Colour symbolism used in the stock market David Rance
21–29 Colour slide rules David Rance
29–31 Bryan Purcell: “The Inquisitive Pioneer” Otto van Poelje
okt 2015MIR69
5–17 Discovering the Millionaire Dirk Rietveld
22–23 Telefunken slide rule for wireless communications Simon van der Salm
24–27 Radiotelegraphy: the Telefunken Dennert & Pape 36 slide rule with logarithmic decrement scale Simon van der Salm
28–30 Le Corbusier's Modulor Simon van der Salm
jun 2015MIR68
7–8 Pioneers of Computer Science: Charles Babbage Simon van der Salm
10 Pioneers of Computer Science: Ada Lovelace Simon van der Salm
11–13 About rulers Otto van Poelje
13–15 Pioneers of Computer Science: Alan Turing Simon van der Salm
15 Adoption onterfdgoed.nl Chris Hakkaart
15–16 Pioneers of Computer Science: Konrad Zuse Simon van der Salm
16–17 The Imitation Game Chris Hakkaart
17–18 Pioneers of Computer Science: John von Neumann Simon van der Salm
22–26 With a bit of luck you always find something Gerard van Gelswijck
26–27 Ina Prinz (ed): “Rechnen mit Perlen/Reckoning with beads” Otto van Poelje
feb 2015MIR67
14 TUDDO: circular slide rule from D&P Chris Hakkaart
16 Borgdorff's approach Simon van der Salm
16 Calculating aptitude: getting a 4.5 is enough Simon van der Salm
16 The Hardy-Ramanujan number: 1729 Simon van der Salm
17 Radiation circular slide rule in the New Scientist Simon van der Salm
17–18 Trillion dollar inflation Simon van der Salm
20–31 NuPuBest and EFluBest Andries de Man
okt 2014MIR66
17–19 Christmas tree formulas Andries de Man
20–26 ALRO calculating disc for optical ray tracing Otto van Poelje
27–32 School compasses and dividers Harrie van Dooren
mei 2014MIR65
15 New Calorie Guide Chris Hakkaart
16–18 “Talmeter” from Ljungberg — tape measure for determining diameter Louw Pals; Otto van Poelje
19–24 Dr Haro’s new method of graphical notation of logarithms Panagiotis Venetsianos
jan 2014MIR64
10 Collectanea de Logarithmis Klaus Kühn
11 Cité des sciences et de l'industrie Simon van der Salm
12–13 Abramowitz & Stegun: “Handbook of Mathematical Functions” Simon van der Salm
14–15 The slide rule in primary and secondary education Chris Hakkaart
16–17 Can we (ever) escape the logarithm? Simon van der Salm
18–19 Arithmetic nomogram by Ir. G. Hofstede Otto van Poelje
20–32 Turning and sliding in spinning and weaving mills with LOGA calculating discs Nico Smallenburg
okt 2013MIR63
18–22 Calculating disc by Benjamin Ayres (circa 1750) Otto van Poelje
22 Box with rotating Napier rods in the CNAM museum, Paris
23–26 Calculating the capacity of a central heating boiler Gerard van Gelswijck
27–28 Technical drawing set by Schoenner Harrie van Dooren
29–32 Aspect ratios of pictures and calculating them with a slide rule Otto van Poelje
apr 2013MIR62
4–17 A brief survey of combination slide rules Panagiotis Venetsianos
18 Musée des Arts et Métiers — Parijs Harrie van Dooren
19–22 Metal slide rule by Nestler Otto van Poelje; Gerard van Gelswijck
23–25 Two slide rules from Matthijssen raise many questions Otto van Poelje
26–28 Royer Harrie van Dooren
dec 2012MIR61
14 Verstraete & Royer,: “L’esprit du Compas” Harrie van Dooren
15–16 Peter Holland: “Slide rules A.W. Faber-Castell - 6th Revised edition.”
17–19 Structural design slide rule by ALKU Gerard van Gelswijck
20–22 Mystery black slide rule in the Land Registery Museum Otto van Poelje
22 New uses for circular slide chart Chris Hakkaart
23 Multiplying with a linear scale Andries de Man
24–29 Advertising brochure for OMARO slide charts Otto van Poelje; Ronald van Riet
okt 2012MIR60
7 David Riches: “Collecting Drawing Instruments”
8–11 ONE OFF Altitude correcton computer Jerry Tremblay
12–18 Coastal navigation using a placement compass or a Snellius–Pothenot solution Otto van Poelje
19–20 Russian slide rule: size of a building! David Rance
21–30 The development of the LOGA slide rule drum bases and the standard base for the desktop 75cm LOGA slide rule discs Nico Smallenburg
31–32 RiSta slide rules Gerard van Gelswijck
mei 2012MIR59
9 Colin Barnes & Tedford K. White: “Otis King calculators”
10–11 Mystery pocket slide rule from France Otto van Poelje
12–15 Dutch technical drawing boxes post 1945 Gerard van Gelswijck
16–20 Original set of Mannheim instructions Otto van Poelje
21–23 Hewlett-Packard commemorative calculators Otto van Poelje
dec 2011MIR58
17–22 Multifix Calculator Huib van Noort
23–25 Aircraft load adjusters and other slide rules for weight & balance Ronald van Riet
26–27 Barbotheu slide rule 1 Harrie van Dooren
28 Barbotheu slide rule 2 Harrie van Dooren
29–31 REKA grid-iron with a scale length of 2.4 meters Otto van Poelje
32 Mysterious Circles Ronald van Riet
sep 2011MIR57
9 Wood for cardboard, cardboard for wood IJzebrand Schuitema
10–13 Worrying about calculating skills in the health service Simon van der Salm
14–19 The Contex manual calculator: its clones and a demonstration model Huib van Noort
20 ITAB magnetic slide rule Otto van Poelje
21–25 Once more: mystery Sun-Hemmi slide rule with n and L scales Gerard van Gelswijck
26–28 Mystery slide rule with balls Otto van Poelje
29 LINEX balls solves mystery David Rance
30–31 Remarkable ST hairline on Faber 2/83N cursor Otto van Poelje
32–32 Mental arithmetic, it still exists Chris Hakkaart
mei 2011MIR56
7–9 The KRING at Collector's Fairs Otto van Poelje; Leo van der Lucht
10 Lemma slide rule in Wikipedia Simon van der Salm
10 Slide rule (almost) disappeared Rob Biersma
14–20 Golden Gem, a chain driven adding machine Huib van Noort
21–23 Dreieckrechner revisited: an “impossible” DR3 and finally the DR1? Ronald van Riet
24–25 Lady with a slide rule Chris Hakkaart
26–27 Mystery slide rule Sun-Hemmi with n and L scale Otto van Poelje
28 Infinite slide rule Andries de Man
28 Wanted: J.N. Arnold, “Special Slide Rules” Andries de Man
dec 2010MIR55
9–10 Guus Craenen: “Rechenschieber im Wandel der Zeit 1588 – 1918 Simon van der Salm
18–20 Re: When the bomb drops… Gerard van Gelswijck
21–22 Mystery ruler from Kleman with transversal scales for sinus and chord Otto van Poelje
22 The number ‘π
23–28 Patents Andries de Man
29–31 ONE OFF sugar beets; suikerbieten Henk Peters
okt 2010MIR54
6–10 IM2010 report, 17th & 18th September 2010 in Leiden Nico Smallenburg
12 Collecting slide rules, how long can it carry on? IJzebrand Schuitema
16–21 RADIAC: when the bomb drops… Andries de Man
22–23 The Dumont calculating disc Gerrit te Vaarwerk
24–25 Your brand is your silent salesman! David Rance
26–29 Plus adding machine and Plus-Demo Huib van Noort
30–31 Solution to mystery D&P slide rule with “broken powers” Dennert & Pape Otto van Poelje
32 IM2010 Workshop N-cards (Numeracy Cards) Otto van Poelje
apr 2010MIR53
14–17 Slide rules in the catalogues of office equipment company Ahrend Otto van Poelje
18–23 Determining diesel engine power on the high seas Jaap Dekker
24–27 Bassett Adder is a best-seller Huib van Noort
dec 2009MIR52
13 IM2009 – a bit Déjà Vu David Rance
14 Peter Hopp: “Joint slide rules” Otto van Poelje
18–22 Aristo 10082 circular slide rule for sprit level measurement Otto van Poelje
23–24 ONE OFF: Faber Castell Chris Hakkaart
25–27 Mercedes-Euclid and the final 1 Jaap Dekker
28–28 First Aid disc Chris Hakkaart
29–32 The Stima calculator Huib van Noort
aug 2009MIR51
11–12 Peter Holland: “Slide Rules — A.W. Faber & A.W. Faber-Castell” Otto van Poelje
15–23 Financial calculations with various LOGA calculators Nico Smallenburg
24–25 Tavernier-Gravet Harrie van Dooren
26–29 A Webb Adder Huib van Noort
30–32 French circular slide rule: Montre Logaritmique Otto van Poelje
apr 2009MIR50
9 IJzebrand Schuitema & Otto van Poelje: “The Schuitema Collection” Otto van Poelje
10 John Bryant & Chris Sangwin: “How round is your circle?” David Rance
11 My first slide rule IJzebrand Schuitema
12 Slide rules loaned out for mathematics lessons in schools Otto van Poelje
13 ALRO slide charts and cards: an ALRO catalogue in the making Otto van Poelje
16–21 BIOMATE: Biorhythm computer Jaap Dekker
22–24 Original Odhner Huib van Noort
25–28 DIN or DiN? Gerard van Gelswijck
28 Egg slide rule Andries de Man
29–30 More about the Ahrend 661 and other cardboard slide rules Otto van Poelje
31–33 Société des lunetiers (SL) — (1849 – 1972) Harrie van Dooren
34–39 Medical Calculation Disc by Dr. A. Lips Peter M. Bloemendaal
dec 2008MIR49
9–11 My collection has a new home IJzebrand Schuitema
12–13 Presentation of the Wolfgang-Paul Medal to IJzebrand Schuitema Otto van Poelje
18–20 BriCal adding machine Huib van Noort
21 A ONE OFF dethroned: Ahrend 661 Chris Hakkaart; Jaap Dekker
21–22 Are slide rules made from cardboard rare? Jaap Dekker
23–25 Logz circular slide rule Harrie van Dooren
25–28 Slide rule for calculating days of the week Chris Hakkaart
29–32 The Erlang slide rule disc for calculating bottlenecks Otto van Poelje
aug 2008MIR48
7 Reflections after having slide rules as a hobby for 25 years IJzebrand Schuitema
8–9 Slide rule on a postage stamp (2) Ronald van Riet
10–13 On collecting, preservation and stewardship Otto van Poelje
14–15 Dutch technical drawing boxes Harrie van Dooren
16–19 Adix-I Huib van Noort
20–22 Electric slide rules Andries de Man
23–26 Demolition charge computing tape measure Otto van Poelje
27–28 ONE OFF: Ahrend 661 Chris Hakkaart
apr 2008MIR47
12–13 Floris Cohen: “The Re-creation of the World” IJzebrand Schuitema
14–15 Slide rule on a postage stamp Ronald van Riet
15 Slide rule and field of expertise IJzebrand Schuitema
16 Bundling of articles over manufacturers IJzebrand Schuitema
17–19 ONE OFF: Resulta adding machine in a one-off version Huib van Noort
20–23 The Addiator — the digital brother of the slide rule Jaap Dekker
24–25 Pickett's N4 John Krijnen
26–27 E.D.F. 210 – a French slide rule Ronald van Riet
28–32 Irish logarithms Andries de Man
33–38 The divider as a calculation tool Otto van Poelje
dec 2007MIR46
9–13 Sun Hemmi Japanese Navy Type 98 Movement Board Ronald van Riet
13–14 Lack of space Smith-Davis Piecework Balance Calculator Andries de Man
15 Knowledge, what is it? Chris Hakkaart
16–17 Memories IJzebrand Schuitema
17–18 Wanted: information concerning Tröger Chris Hakkaart
18 UTO cursors available IJzebrand Schuitema;
Gerard van Gelswijck
19 Mechanical calculators on postage stamps Huib van Noort
sep 2007MIR45
16–21 Slide rule for urine d’Ambard; Franklin McLean; Boos; K&E Gerald Tremblay; Chris Hakkaart; Andries de Man
22–26 Cornelis Jan Dussel 1900 – 1972 IJzebrand Schuitema
26 Keyboard patent Andries de Man
27 PC from Caesar's time reveals its secrets Chris Hakkaart
28 Men of collecting slide rules IJzebrand Schuitema
29 N. Baaijens: “The burden of calculation” (AO series) Otto van Poelje
apr 2007MIR44
5–6 Sharp EL-8, an early pocket calculator from 1970 Otto van Poelje
7 Request for information Huib van Noort
7–11 Slide rule gains market share David Rance
13 A calculation problem for the mathematicians among us IJzebrand Schuitema
14–15 Hairline in glass Huib van Noort
16–18 The dating of chemical slide rules Andries de Man
18–20 The Golden Age of Drawing Instruments Chapter 5, “KERN Response” Guus Craenen
21 From a flea market to the IM2007 IJzebrand Schuitema
dec 2006MIR43
6 TELEMETRE scale Otto van Poelje
10 Calculation instruments in Ghent Chris Hakkaart
11 The most pointless calculating disc ever? Ronald van Riet
16–26 The golden age of drawing instruments Guus Craenen
29–32 Drawing pens [2] Harrie van Dooren
sep 2006MIR42
6 Exhibition sample Chris Hakkaart
7 Jaap's slide rules and calculators Leo de Haan
7–9 Slide charts: how and what to investigate in the near future Chris Hakkaart
9 KRING members with an Internet website Otto van Poelje
10–13 Dutch instrument makers Becker; Becker & Buddingh; De Koningh Harrie van Dooren
15–16 Inventory of general ALRO 13 cm circular slide rules in collections of KRING members Otto van Poelje
16–17 Well used ALRO circular slide rule Chris Hakkaart
20–23 Stipplers dotting pens; drawing pens; Haff; Richter; ivorine Harrie van Dooren
24–28 Keyboards Chris Hakkaart
29–30 Slide rule as a status symbol Dries Molen; Jacob Siebelink
mrt 2006MIR41
8 Dating plastic Aristo slide rules Straps on Aristo slide rules Frans Vaes
9–10 Museums/exhibitions with slide rules Belgium; France Chris Hakkaart
11–15 Slide Rules & Other Mechanical Calculators in Aviation: an Overview flight computer; load balancer Ronald van Riet
15 Help requested for project: Manufactured in Holland Otto van Poelje
16 The Baraban – Bardot relationship Harrie van Dooren
17–26 The standard 13 cm circular slide rules made by ALRO Dutch slide rules; ALRO Otto van Poelje
27–31 A special slide rule by Werkspoor screw cutting on the lathe Gerard van Gelswijck
32 Calculating with triangles triangulator; trigonometry; slide charts Ronald van Riet
33–40 Drawing pens [1] drawing pens; ruling pens Harrie van Dooren
41–42 Logarithmic divider logarithmic compass; logarithm; compasses; Richter; Mehmke Otto van Poelje
43 Laying railway tracks the French way Extensions of rails; railroad; extension; rail-space; Magnien; SNCF Ronald van Riet
43 People and slide rules Rod Lovett
nov 2005MIR40
7–12 Slide rules for surveying tachymetry; Nestler; Aristo; Kern; Morin Otto van Poelje
13–16 Strange sizes, those English sizes British units of measurement; British units; measurement Leo de Haan
17–18 Alloy slide rule by Maurice DAMIEN Slide rule 'Maurice Damien'; slide rule; Frence slide rules; Damien Harrie van Dooren
21 Email communication on Staffel Comptator Otto van Poelje
22–24 Drawing inks drawing pens Harrie van Dooren
24 Help: what is this? Chris Hakkaart
25 Indian ink suppliers Canton; Nanking Harrie van Dooren
30 It is all rubbish Harrie van Dooren
30 Designer of sewerage slide rule: K. Kasper, 1911 – 2005 IJzebrand Schuitema
jul 2005MIR39
7 Mystery: how does this Staffel Comptator work? interest rate John Vossepoel
8–12 Map computer for gliders final-glide computer; flight computer; slide rule; glider; final glide Otto van Poelje
12 Ted Hume & Bob Koppany: “The OS Slide Rule Reference Manual” manual; slide rule; beginner; maintenance; history; brands; models
13–18 Planimeters planimeter; surveying; indicator Harrie van Dooren
18–22 The ‘Tavernier-Gravet’ code and some details about the school slide rules Tarvernier-Gravet; slide rules; règles des ecoles Frans Vaes
25 Calculating with angles Otto van Poelje
25–26 Curt Herzstark, “Kein Geschenk für den Führer” Curt Herzstark; Curta; slide rules
27 “Mechanical Calculating” in Technology Museum Delft Techniek Museum Delft: Calculating Machines in new Exposition Otto van Poelje
mrt 2005MIR38
11–12 BERVILLE French slide rule: Berville — Paris slide rule; Berville; Tavernier-Gravet; Marc Willy Robbrecht
13–14 A rare French maker: DUVAL French slide rule; slide rule Otto van Poelje
14 Modified slide rule: AEROFOTO - GIOVINE Harrie van Dooren
15–21 Military slide rules Gerard van Gelswijck
22–25 Doing subtraction on adding machines using complementary numbers calculating machines; counting machines; adding machines Huib van Noort
25 Polychrome Otto van Poelje
26–29 Photographing collectibles Harrie van Dooren
30 Call for contributions on logarithms Klaus Kühn
30–31 The Kring in “euclides” – professional magazine for mathematics teachers Calculating Instruments in society and school Otto van Poelje; Simon van der Salm
32 John Napier, the inventor of logarithms? Jo Donners
36–37 Museum and Sea Aquarium Contributions to an exposition in ‘Museum en Zeeaquarium’ — Delfzijl Otto van Poelje
37 Chris Wolff – The Measure of All Things … Chris Hakkaart
38–43 The Measure of All Things … Chris Wolff
nov 2004MIR37
9–11 Vlacq Table of Logarithms, 1742 Otto van Poelje
11 Do we know for certain who invented the logarithm? Chris Hakkaart
11 The slide rule — Object of World Heritage IJzebrand Schuitema
13–16 The COMPTATOR counting machine – inside and outside Restoration of a Comptator counting machine; Comptator; restoration; adding machine Huib van Noort
16 The slide rule back at school! Side Rule: Again at school (?) IJzebrand Schuitema
20,24 Guus Craenen: “Albert Nestler: Innovation and Quality” Nestler; slide rules Simon van der Salm
21–22 Other transversal scales [2] watch glasse gauges; ligne; line; crystals; watch glasses Harrie van Dooren
25–26 Nico Smallenburg: “The LOGA Calculators” LOGA; slide rules Simon van der Salm
26 Better to slide than to push buttons IJzebrand Schuitema
27 Strange slide rule? UNIS France Harrie van Dooren
27 Quality rulers or …
30–31 Klaus Kühn & Karl Kleine: “Dennert & Pape” Memorial book ‘Dennert & Pape’; Dennert; D&P; Dupa; Dennert & Pape; Aristo Guus Craenen
jun 2004MIR36
5–8 Diagonal scales – a critical assessment Diagonal Scales; Gunter Rules Otto van Poelje
9–12 Browsing French ‘antiquités-brocante’ markets; France; collecting; markets; brocantes; antiquités; dépôts-ventes; Emmaüs Harrie van Dooren
12 Pen keeper Murphy pen stand; Ph. Simmons & Co.; E. Wolff & Son; potato
13–14 Why the M7? Why M7? normalization; ISO-norm; thread; M7 Gerard van Gelswijck
14 How is your accuracy? Simple way to check the accuracy of any slide rule. Accuracy test; quality; scales; Peter Soole David Rance
15–17 Small tour of the Netherlands and about the slide rule Sightseeing Holland and slide rule conversation. The Netherlands; Holland; slide rule conversation IJzebrand Schuitema
19–19 Drawing instruments drawing instruments; drawing tables; drawing triangles; drawing curves Chris Hakkaart
20–22 Collectible: Drawing instruments About buying drawing instruments. drawing instruments; compasses; Van Pelt Harrie van Dooren
23 Inner Circle, an idea Dutch Circle; Inner Circle IJzebrand Schuitema
feb 2004MIR35
9–11 French slide rules and all that French slide rules; What do we know about them? French slide rules; Tavernier-Gravet; Barbotheu; Morin; Marc; Unis France Harrie van Dooren
12–14 Marc pocket slide rules Marc pocket slide rules; development of the cursor and common gauge marks; pocket slide rules; Marc; Unis France; gauge marks Harrie van Dooren
18–26 Morin – not strictly a slide rule maker Morin – Maker and retailer of excellent surveying instruments; Morin; pocket slide rules Willy Robbrecht
27–28 Calculating disc for determining hardness of metals hardness; Brinell; Morin Harrie van Dooren
29–34 Goniometric scales on generic slide rules Historical Overview of Common Goniometrical Scales; sine; tangent; goniometric scales; Gunter; Oughtred; Mannheim Otto van Poelje
okt 2003MIR34
13–16 International Meeting 2003: a great success for the Dutch KRING Simon van der Salm
16–19 The Darmstadt slide rule and the P-Scale John Mosand
19 A maths joke Chris Hakkaart
19 English version of book by Schuitema and Van Herwijnen
21–23 IJzebrand Schuitema: “The Slide Rule, Technical Cultural Heritage” Otto van Poelje
23–25 Interesting books about measuring and calculating Simon van der Salm
25–26 The Engineer, a poem about technical types Jaap Dekker
29 Visit to Heinz Joss IJzebrand Schuitema
29–36 Samuel Vögeli: a Laupener Adam Ries Heinz Joss
36–37 How did that go again? Horsepower and Pferdestärke
38 An interview with IJzebrand Schuitema in the Technical Weekblad of March 7th, 2003 Henk Tolsma
39–52 Renard’s Preferred Numbers Simon van der Salm
mrt 2002MIR33
18–20 UNIS France Willy Robbrecht
22–29 Ken Alder: “The Measure of All Things” Simon van der Salm
30–39 The Pickett Model 4 Michael P. O'Leary
39–44 Chi-square and the Pickett N-525-T Simon van der Salm
45–50 Mr Van Dalen's alternative answer: RPN Otto van Poelje
nov 2002MIR32
14–21 Exhibition experiences Experiences of slide rule expositions since the late 80's; slide rule; exposition IJzebrand Schuitema
22 My destiny is being number 2 Always been number 2, and enjoying it; personal; history; thoughts Herman van Herwijnen
23–26 Using the slide rule for training in computing Using the slide rule for training in computing; personal; education Simon van der Salm
27 Back then I had just 5 slide rules! Then I had only 5 rules! Recollections of the start of a hobby; personal; recollections David Rance
28–30 Research into Gunter rulers: an intermediate report Intermediate report on a study into Gunter rules and their application in navigation; Gunter; plain scale Otto van Poelje
31–33 Shuffling the cards? History of the late 19th century competition in design of drawing compasses; drawing instruments; compasses; Richter; Kern; Riefler Guus Craenen
34–39 Barbotheu Barbotheu: the unknown french slide rule; French slide rule; Barbotheu; Tavernier-Gravet; Soho slide rule Harrie van Dooren
40–45 The clamping systems on the LOGA slide rule drums Braking systems on Loga drum calculators to immobilize the drum, or to fasten the grid to the drum; Loga; drum calculator; brake Nico Smallenburg
46–48 The El, Ellestok, Ellemaat or Ellen Collecting Dutch yard sticks, and variations in measures of length; yard; yardstick Leo de Haan
49–55 The demise of the Slide Rule The demise of the slide rule, and the electronic calculators and computers that took its place; electronic calculator; computer; HP35 Otto van Poelje
56–58 IM2002, Royal Leamington Spa, October 25th and 26th David Rance
jun 2002MIR31
6–14 Pocket slide rules from the brand: MARC MARC is a well-known French firm producing pocket slide rules. This article describes six models; pocket slide rule; MARC Willy Robbrecht
17 Musée des arts et métiers Harry van Dooren
24–26 Jo Donners: “Mr van Dalen gets an answer” review of book about the history of all kinds of methods of calculation Otto van Poelje
27–31 Elections and the Pickett N-525-T A number of statistical scales of the Pickett N-525 statistical slide rule is explained by means of the calculation of a confidence interval of proportions and percentages that we could applicate for political election polls; statistics; statistical slide rule; Pickett N-525-T Simon van der Salm
jan 2002MIR30
19–20 Thomas A. Russo: “Antique Office Machines: 600 Years of Calculating Devices” book review; office machines David Rance
20–22 Memorabilia memorabilia; pirate; World Mathematical Year; stamps; Ishango Simon van der Salm
23–24 Dividers Harry van Dooren
25 Just like that … Harry van Dooren
okt 2001MIR29
10–13 The ‘wrong’ calculating disc of Apianus from 1540 Apianus; astronomy; cartography; instruments Nico Baaijens
22–24 Guus Craenen: “Albert Nestler: Innovation and Quality” Simon van der Salm
25–40 Collecting … gauge marks! gauge points Panagiotis Venetsianos
41–42 What belongs in a collection? colourful attributes; slide-rule memorabilia; postage stamps David Rance
mei 2000MIR28
5–6 Researching the Hans Dennert Collection IJzebrand Schuitema
8–12 Marks on Electro type slide rules (1): ρCu en ρAl gauge marks Simon van der Salm
12–13 2 x 3 is approximately 6 Chris Hakkaart
18–21 A Faber-Castell Electro 378 Simon van der Salm
jan 2001MIR27
14–18 Designing special slide rules Jo Donners
18 Dieter von Jezierski & Rodger Shepherd (transl.): “Slide rules, a journey through three centuries” IJzebrand Schuitema
27–34 Hyperbolic functions on slide rules and Civil Engineering applications Pierre Vander Meulen
okt 2000MIR26
7 A logarithm poem Ernst Koper
9–15 The catenary and hyperbolic functions Simon van der Salm
16–17 Dutch slide rule by J.M. Kleman Otto van Poelje
aug 2000MIR25
11–14 Circular Slide Rules for Diving 2 IJzebrand Schuitema
15–17 Painting depicting a slide rule IJzebrand Schuitema
mrt 2000MIR24
5–6 The 5th degree root Benoit Kammerer; Simon van der Salm
8–9 Peter M. Hopp, “Slide Rules, Their History, Models, and Makers” Simon van der Salm
12–15 Circular slide rules for diving IJzebrand Schuitema
15–18 Also: a drainage circular slide rule IJzebrand Schuitema
19–20 Heinz Nixdorf Museum Chris Hakkaart
nov 1999MIR23
4–5 ARISTO - 80109 - WAVIN IJzebrand Schuitema
6–9 The leading digit phenomenon Benford Simon van der Salm
11 Hemmi slide rules
mei 1999MIR22
11–12 Beware of counterfeiting Blaise Pascal; Leonardo Nico Baaijens
13–14 IHZ-ZIS slide rule for calculating cooling times IJzebrand Schuitema
15–20 John Napier's logarithm Simon van der Salm
21–24 Rabdologia, part 4 Jo Donners
24 Decimal-binary
25 Peter Hopp, “Slide rules - Their History, Models and Makers”
25 Help! packaging; mold; conservation Harrie van Dooren
dec 1998MIR21
9–13 The surveying slide rule Harrie van Dooren
13 Slide rules for special trades or professions IJzebrand Schuitema
15–18 Faber-Castell slide rules part II Frans Vaes
26 Who knows … Pierre Vander Meulen
32 Ignorance … Thomas van der Zijden
okt 1998MIR20
7 Information from technical journals IJzebrand Schuitema
7–8 My trip to England Thomas van der Zijden
9 The surveying slide rule Harrie van Dooren
10 How it all started Thomas van der Zijden
10 About a slide rule with a log scale Thomas van der Zijden
11–14 The x-scale Harrie van Dooren
18 A little more about the Gaussian logarithm Thomas van der Zijden
jul 1998MIR19
3 The history of the Dutch slide rule Harrie van Dooren
3 Request 1: the x-scale IJzebrand Schuitema
5–16 Faber “Castell” slide rules Frans Vaes
19 A special meeting Alex E.S. Green IJzebrand Schuitema
feb 1998MIR18
7–8 Non regular spherical triangle Erwin van Asbeck
9–18 Some facts and impressions on Chinese slide rules Pierre Vander Meulen
19–24 What is a slide rule? Harrie van Dooren
25–26 Storage system IJzebrand Schuitema
sep 1997MIR17
6 Request: Dutch contributions to the design of special slide rules IJzebrand Schuitema
9 Blundell Harling IJzebrand Schuitema
13 The ruler and its scale
31 Custom encoding of scales Herman van Herwijnen
32–34 What's in a name Herman van Herwijnen
34 What's in the catalogue Herman van Herwijnen
jun 1997MIR16
6–7 Rabdology 3
7 The slide ruler and its scale Harrie van Dooren
8 Dieter von Jezierski, “Rechenschieber - eine Documentation” IJzebrand Schuitema
9 Reinforced concrete circular slide rule by Charles Brand & Son. LTD.
10–11 Portobello Road IJzebrand Schuitema
apr 1997MIR15
4–5 Rabdology 2 Jo Donners
6 Log-Log scales and e-powers M van Pul
8 The puzzling slide rule explained IJzebrand Schuitema
jan 1997MIR14
9–11 Slide rule for transition curve designed by Wolthekker IJzebrand Schuitema
11 Slide rule hunting Jaap Dekker
13–15 Rabdology Nico Baaijens
16–17 Mannheim and the cursor Harrie van Dooren
okt 1996MIR13
11–13 IWAMATIC 1650 and the Vötsch-variant IJzebrand Schuitema
jun 1996MIR12
2–4 The graphic EIN MAL EINS Frans Vaes
6–7 Gaussian logarithms Thomas van der Zijden
13–14 Cook: a London-based maker
feb 1996MIR11
jan 1996MIR10
13–14 Evaluation of the test to assess condition Herman van Herwijnen
aug 1995MIR9
6–7 L and LL scales IJzebrand Schuitema
8–9 The Blue Book!! Appeal !! Herman van Herwijnen
apr 1995MIR8
dec 1994MIR7
sep 1994MIR6
4–5 Forestry slide rule by Christens
apr 1994MIR5
dec 1993MIR4
1–13 Guidelines for cataloguing calculating aids Herman van Herwijnen
nov 1993MIR3
jul 1993MIR2
4–5 Purchasing experience in England IJzebrand Schuitema
nov 1992MIR1